Invest in a valuable high-level FCE certification

Neither technician-level staff nor high-tech equipment can deliver valid FCE services. That takes a work evaluator who is willing and able to stay up-to-date on best-practice research, ask probing questions before an evaluation, and use critical thinking skills when documenting his or her findings. In other words, a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator.

The CWCE designation is the single most important indication that you have achieved, and maintain, the highest level of FCE expertise. Open to allied health professionals with the right academic preparation, it signifies not only comprehensive training but also demonstrated ability, gained through the five-day FCE Certification Program and subsequent critiqued fieldwork.

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The certification program was developed in the early 1980s by the Employment Rehabilitation Institute of California. Matheson assumed responsibility for the program in 1990.

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CWCE Information

Upcoming Events

  1. August 31 - December 31
    Roy Matheson, BS, CMTM
  2. September 17 - September 21
    Surrey, BC
    Christina T. Howe, OTR, CWCE
    Wayne Enright, Reg. OT, BC, CWCE
  3. September 18 - September 19
    Surrey, BC
    Min Trevor Kyi, OT, CWCE, CDA, DipFCE