Functional Capacity Evaluation

What Sets Matheson Training Apart From The Rest?

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Only a trained, dedicated rehabilitation professional can produce a reliable and valid functional capacity evaluation (FCE). That’s where you—and we—come in.

The quality of the Matheson FCE, and of the Matheson-trained thinking evaluator, is widely recognized. When the US Army needed advice on establishing practice standards for FCE, it came to us. The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) lists the Matheson FCE as a “gold standard,” and it is accepted in the highest courts in both the United States and Canada.

I recently opened my own clinic and had contacted the network developer of a large workers' compensation agency to request network participation and to ask what type of FCE certification their case managers preferred.  She asked around and told me that the overwhelming preference among their case managers was the Matheson System.”
—Tim Zickus - AllStar Physical Therapy, LLC, MPT

FCE is in demand. Those with FCE expertise can pursue their own practice or find employment in a private practice or a medical center almost anywhere in the United States or Canada. As a sought-after Matheson-trained evaluator, your options will be even greater—and your career even more satisfying. After all, there is nothing quite like being the best!

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The redesigned Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification Program is structured by a “Learn it,” “Practice It,” “Document it” mentality. This intense five-day program immerses you in the thought processes and tools it takes to produce a valid, individualized evaluation.

This course is a prerequisite for CWCE certification, but completion does not guarantee certification. Subsequent fieldwork and report submisission is required.

AOTA Approved Continuing Education Provider Functional Capacity Evaluation
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Mastery Series

Get up to speed on cutting-edge issues in the field with two days of lectures and roundtable discussions.

Traditional FCE protocols do not naturally accommodate the variables found in people with brain injury. In this course, you’ll learn how to adapt and expand your approach to address the broad range of functional issues faced by this population.